dream leaping nuggets

Practical, Instant, Intuitive Dream Work 
Our dreams are always revealing valuable information, intuitively guiding us toward our highest purpose and soul evolution. From the convenience of your computer, you type your dream exactly as you remember it, adding any short details or back story you feel inspired to share (a simple form will guide you through). Then, via email, you will receive a speedy, poignant, life leaping reply.

Receive Insights:
• Aligning and directing your life force towards deeper fulfillment
• Clarifying your path of heart
• Adressing your most pressing questions
• Freeing creativity and accessing resolutions
• Deepening connection to your Source
• Tapping Universal Wisdom


Get a Dream Leaping Nugget Right Now!

Click below to purchase - you will then be taken to a website form to submit your dream.
If not auto-directed, click the link on your receipt that says: Return to gabriela@sourceconsultinggroup.com
Your Dream Leaping Nugget response will come via email.
Dream Leaping Nugget: $20.00 


Take the Process Deeper

Purchase a Nugget and get a full length Dream Leaping Session for 20% off.

what people say...

"Thanks for sharing your bright incisive, shining wisdom, intuition and heart. I feel divinely intervened and inspired with possibility, tools to unfold and embrace the journey, words that reveal, deeper dreaming, unraveling, emerging...what you guided me through in an hour plus was like time travel, amazing and astonishing to believe so much could happen in that span of time.“ T Capellini, Nia and Yoga Instructor


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