All consultations deepen relationship with your essential being,
increase access to universal wisdom and are profoundly regenerative
and uplifting. Receive relevant information to serve your evolution
and daily life. Within a life-affirming space, receive what most needs to
be revealed to support you.

Consultations serve as catalysts, taking you directly to the heart of matters where real change happens.
They are ideal for times of challenge or transitions, beginings and completions, new year, birthdays, and
anniversaries. Align with the deeper life that wants to live through you!
Individual sessions are available in person, by Skype or phone.

Expressive arts private session
Inner Wealth | Private Consultation

Engage in heart-centered dialogue, personalized meditation, and appreciative inquiry.
We'll use diverse modalities to tap innate wisdom and ignite creativity. Through writing, art making,
movement and integration. These sessions access real understanding, to serve your life immediately.
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9 Star Ki Readings
Embodied Alchemy | 9 Star Ki

Attune to Nature’s cycles to live in harmony, increasing awareness and optimizing your
relationships to self, others and life. 9 Star Ki is an over 5000 year old Ancient Chinese divination system.
It's powerful insights reveal dynamics, patterns and tendencies to provide liberation - illuminating a living
framework for deeper understanding of your basic nature, heart and soul.

9 Star Ki, readings shed awareness on our natural rhythm. They offer immediately relevant insights into our lives, relationships and personal development and align us to natural cycles in support of our highest evolution.
Please note 9 Star Ki sessions require birth date, month and year for calculations.
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marriage and ceremony facilitation
Marriage/Union, Rites of Passage and Transitional Life Ceremonies

Ritual consultation, design and facilitation that beutifully expresses your vision - setting the tone for an unforgettable event. Wedding officiation that brillianty weaves elements of diverse world spiritualties and
unified perspectives.

Group Process | Program and Retreat Design, Consultation and Facilitation
When teams, families and communities share this work, a collective intelligence and vision unfolds.
Groups bond more deeply and experience personal and collective breakthroughs. Groups sessions
available for conferences, private gatherings, and organizational retreats.
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what people say...

Gabriela is a skilled listener and her insights are golden!  She helped me to open the door to my deeper wisdom and provided some invaluable context for the information that the Universe was sending me.  I revisit our session regularly and it continues to provide me with direction and inspiration." Maketa Wilborn, Consultant, Trainer


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