Author of The Inner Wealth™ Programs


g Gabriela Masala, M.A., is an energetic, creative, and multi-talented facilitator. She works extensively with groups and individuals in the areas of wellness and personal development.  She masterfully blends expressive arts, yoga, dance, and ecumenical spirituality in programs that nurture mind, body and soul.   Gabriela effortlessly creates a community context for authentic expression, intuitive depth and sacred wisdom to come alive. Her diverse clients speak highly of her playful vitality, which inspires their innate joy, and life celebration. Gabriela is committed to radiant health and balanced life integration. She is a long time student and facilitator of several styles of Yoga, dance, meditation, Martial and Healing Arts.  She is a visionary artist; author (, choreographer, mother and lover of life.

She currently facilitates special events and retreats locally, nationally and abroad.   She serves on the faculty for the resort based, Shape Your Life™ programs. Gabriela is a former employee of The Chopra Center for Well Being and Canyon Ranch Health Resort and Spa. 

Gabriela currently guides classes, events, and retreats locally, nationally and abroad.

Gabriela is available for:

mandala Inner Wealth™ program and training sessions
Facilitation of powerful Women's Wellness retreats and workshops
Private sessions and life readings
Specialty movement and dance classes and workshops
Staff and team development training

"So much of the Western culture and mainstream education is externally referencing. The invitation is often to go out of ourselves, for achievement, information and approval. There is a constant inundation of stimuli and input whose noise distracts from the inner world, and whose chatter models an equally riotous internal dialogue. The Expressive Arts practices offered in the Inner Wealth experience, guide the mind to focus and open to a vast unified field of goodness. They inspire innovation, wellness, and wholeness rather than fragmentation." Gabriela Masala, September, 2006


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