The Inner Wealth Deck™


Oracles, Inquiry and Expressive Arts Practices for Personal Growth and Development

The Inner Wealth™ body of work is a powerful integration of expressive arts, movement, and meditation practices, that creates profound transformation and awareness in individuals and groups.

Inner Wealth™ was born from years of ecumenical, creative, and expressive arts practices, and beautifully blends the following studies:

Cross-cultural Shamanism, Yoga, and Eastern philosophies
Meditation styles including Zazen and Primordial Sound
Somatics and Alternative Healing Modalities
Dance and Healing Movement
Expressive Arts and Appreciative Inquiry

The intention and focus of Inner Wealth™ is centered in the sustenance of vital health, joy and fully embodied living. It invites us to be passionate about our development, emotional intelligence and the transformation of our lives.

The expressive arts practices offered in Inner Wealth™ programs guide individuals and groups to open to the vast field of true personal potential. Inner Wealth™ inspires innovation, wellness, and wholeness through a unique process; we invite you to explore your Inner Wealth™.

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