Inner Wealth™ Creative and Expressive Arts Practices


Oracles, Inquiry and Expressive Arts Practices for Personal Growth and Development

Inner Wealth™ was born from years of ecumenical, creative, and expressive arts practices, and beautifully blends the following studies:


Cross-cultural Shamanism, Yoga, and Eastern philosophies

The ecumenical essence of these traditions are utilized throughout the Inner Wealth Deck to access the power of embodied spirituality, communion with the Divine and the creative, innate wisdom of life force within all beings.

Shamanism is an ancient tradition of healing, power, and wisdom that sees all of life as interconnected and sacred. Shamanic practices and rituals utilized are very Earth centered, tapping the medicine of nature and direct communion with Spirit (Inner Being).

Yoga can be traced back to India, over 7000 years ago and comes from the root word “Yoke” which means, “to unite or bring together.” The practice of yoga creates robust health and radiant alignment of body, heart and spirit and union or oneness with all that is. Yogic practices and meditations create states of inner stillness, awareness, internal and external body strength, suppleness and optimal function.

Eastern philosophies include the essence and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, and Zen.

Meditation styles including Zazen and Primordial Sound

Zazen refers to the classic seated meditation technique from the Zen tradition and Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra-based meditation from the Yogic, Ayusrvedic tradition. These practices cultivate present moment awareness, simultaneously allowing peaceful states of mind while deeply resting and rejuviating the body. Seeing life as the ultimate teaching, meditation prepares us for staying present in all of life’s twists and turns.

Somatics and Alternative Healing Modalities

Somatics is a type of neuro-muscular proprio-receptive facilitation, that effectively teaches the nervous system how to release chronically tight muscles and unsupportive patterns. Further, Somatic practices tap and utilize the innate healing and wisdom of the body.

Alternative Healing Modalities include acupressure, meditation, visualization, restorative yoga, contemplative movement, ecumenical ritual and art therapy. These are but a few of the time-tested techniques that yield more vibrant living.

Dance and Healing Movement

The power of dance and movement awakens the spark of life force within us. Engaging in the safe context we create for movement, Inner Wealth™ participants will receive refreshing opportunities to go beyond inhibited into inhabited movement. Dance invites us to fall in love with being in our bodies while sharing our unique groove in a non-competitive atmosphere of sheer energy and life passion. Authentic dance and movement is liberating, healing and a natural wellspring of pure joy and fulfillment.

Expressive Arts and Appreciative Inquiry

Expressive Arts simply means utilizing a multi-modal approach to inspire, stimulate, and support authentic, creative and artistic expression. Integrating movement, physical activity, music, visual arts, writing and reflection, calls forth the opportunity to explore and expand all aspects of our being, balancing left and right brain and tapping intuitive wisdom.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI), originated by David Cooper Writer, is a methodology for organizational change. It has a solution-based (strengths-based) philosophy that utilizes an inquiry process to discover the “positive core” of an individual or group. By focusing on peak experiences, values, best practices, imagination, and creation, AI identifies where we thrive as living systems so that we can anchor and live from that place.


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